Friday, February 03, 2006

We've Moved!

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This blog will remain as a place to revisit baby Desmond P. Jones.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Birthday Weekend

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Turning two!!
Desmond P. Jones. Ahhhh... had to take a look back at last years entry. Compare. Contrast. Still a happy boy. Hair longer. Body too. Certainly says a lot more.

Auntie Heidi was onhand to do a lot of the creative party planning. Master minded the Elmo theme, found all the party favors, baked and decorated the cake. Overall went above and beyond Auntie duties!!!

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Birthday Montage

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Party girl #1!!! Heidi makes any party special!!


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The cake was significantly improved over last years no-sugar-carrot-brick-cake variety. Des didn't eat much at this sitting, merely crumbled it (he had a cold at the time, no appitite) but a few days later he was eating great quantities of chocolate and icing (me too!)

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not the best pic -- but it's all we have with the cake!! This is a good profile of growing babgirljones. We are in major expansion mode now -- almost 8months!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005


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A playdate yesterday with our new friends Cori and her 2yearold son Ayden. This was our second get together and it is such a thrill because they again played so well together!! Big step in Desi's social development. He has such energy and unbridled physical exuberance that it has often not meshed well with other playmates. Ayden enjoys mimicking Desi's physical antics (which largely involves various ways of falling down) and Des in turn will mimic him. He loves it. Ayden also has some really cool toys -- the main pleaser being a ride-on excavator with hard hat. Very cool.

After the boys played inside for an hour we walked over to nearby Isham Park and had lunch and watched the boys chase squirrels and a soccer ball.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bronx Botanical Gardens

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Ahhhh... it was such a beautiful day last Wednesday. Loving autumn in New York. Unseasonably mild -- 50s & 60s. We went with a *large group* to the Bronx (we were fortunate to snag a car ride this time!) the children and adults all fed off of each others energy. It really was a nice happy day.

DesmondPJones loves to walk and he did a lot of hands-free walking. When I reach for his hand, he now tells me, "Desi do it!" In addition to walking and running, there were rocks to climb and leaves to tumble in, sticks to weild and play with (which included sound effects that sounded remarkably close to laser fire! Nate! Star Wars!!)

One of those ILOVENEWYORK days. :):)

Check out the pics.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Race Car Driver Guy

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A Halloween to remember -- what funny traditions.

Saturday was our Halloween celebration day. Central Park was holding activities and later at the church building we had a party.

In the morning we bundled up and caught the train downtown to Central Park where they were promising pumpkin patches, face painting, puppet shows and music. There were so many people there that we both merely walked and gawked for an hour, following the crowds and frequently stopping to watch. It was a curious thing for him to see Elmo riding on his daddy's shoulders, or a pint sized Darth Vader, Thomas the Tank Engine, robots, tigers, ladybugs... Des eventally needed a diaper change so we found a nice leaf covered hill and did it quickly. Then I tried to get some pictures of him running through the leaves and climbing the rocks -- couldn't get him to stand still for very long.

Later that night I put DJ's costume on and smudged his face a bit and sprayed some greasy hair shine stuff in his hair to give him a greasemonkey look. What a cute racecardriverguy he made!! If I hadn't cut his hair so short the week before it would have been ultra perfect.

At the church, there where games and hotdogs in the cultural hall and a trick-or-treating parade in the surrounding classrooms in the hallway. I hadn't reviewed with him the procedure so he was caught off guard a little bit. CANDY?!? ALL THIS FOR ME?!?!

One of his friends, Porter Brien was Batman, which was a huge hit. Another, Roscoe Vandegraff, was WinniethePooh -- a character he's taken a recent interest in. He'd actually given two big hugs and a kiss to his poohbear at home before leaving for the party, telling him, "be right back, go party"


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Potty Boy

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As far as the potty dialogue goes, we've been warming up with a very toddler-geared book. We've also begun using it more in our language, i.e. pointing out our own usage, etc. I haven't done much parent-geared reading on the subject yet so I have no game plan beyond making the topic a familiar one. I've also thought Des might just lead me along when he's ready for more than just talk.

This morning we were reading the potty book and 3/4ths of the way through, he stopped me and directed me to get down his potty, which has been stored in it's box in a corner of our foyer -- Grandma Jones actually bought it this summer while visiting. We brought it into the living room looked at the pictures on the outside. He then instructs me to "open mommy with scissors". He even pointed out to me where the scissors were and I opened the box. He inspected the new potty, we talked about all it's parts and functions. He sat on it and showed great interest.

We then moved into the kitchen and had breakfast. I told him we'd try and use the potty before his bubblebath. He was excited and after breakfast we brought the potty into the bathroom and I told him to sit on it and go pee-pee. He did and sat there concentrating for about 20 or so seconds. I didn't hear anything. But when he stood up, there it was... pee-pee!!! I was so startled. I cheered&cheered -- he really felt proud! I felt proud! The rest of the day he practiced, with no results. But it seems he's ready, perhaps, for greater potty things!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

We're Back

I've taken an unplanned hiatus from blog updating. But I'm back and hope to make this a regular habit again. A little word on babygirljones. She is about 27 weeks into her growth -- we're almost there! She's quite a mover and I love feeling her alive inside of me. She's recently, mid-day Monday, made a significant position change. I suspect she is now vertical rather than horizontal in my womb. The effects have been immediate on my undetermined pseudo-syatic-buttock-pains. Ahhhh... It's such a relief to be fluid and virtually painfree again. As Des would say, "happyhappyhappy!"

Dapper Boy

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Its cold outside!! Des loves all the trappings of Winter (as I do) -- the gloves, the hats, the coats, the scarves. This Sunday, I was finally able to dress Des up in a coat Heidi and I found at a tagsale in CT before he was born. It's this fabulous tweed, lined, from Saks5thAvenue and i got it for $3!! I took lots of pics of his cute little self -- he wanted to walk all the way home after church which he's never done before.

Yes and he is sporting a new haircut -- a little shorter than I'd planned but Nate loves it. He's been critical of Desi's shaggy do for sometime.

Pics here